A flexible Valley ideal for enjoying outdoor activities in all seasons and levels: from experts to amateurs, to families with children. Skiing, snowshoeing, trekking, and mountain bike riding are just some of the sports that can be enjoyed in Valle Trompia. Don’t forget the experiences in contact with nature, such as the numerous activities to be enjoyed on the farms and farm stays specialising in typical local products.

  • cascina-bettna


    The Azienda Agricola Bettina was born in 1998 when dad Olivo decided to buy twenty Alpine chamois goats. As the herd grew, the need arose to turn this passion into the family's main activity. Moving from Cortine di Nave to Caino, on the S. Eusebio hill, the family bought 12 hectares of land and built a stable for the goats ...

  • agriturismo-chichimela-bovegno


    The Chichimela Agriturismo (Farm Stay) is part of the Rebecco Farmer network: a group of farmers and dairy producers from Valle Trompia who have banded together to create a business network. Chichimela is the ideal place for those who love nature and the outdoors, who want a quiet break and want to recharge their batteries immersed in a family atmosphere ...

  • agriturismo-la-ruer-verda


    The Agriturismo La Ruer Verda is a family-run farm stay dedicated to promoting and selling its products in perfect harmony with nature. The farm stay is nestled amidst chestnut groves and oak woods about 700 metres above sea level. It follows breeding practices that ensure the welfare of animals, such as cattle, bees and other farmyard animals and offers a ...

  • agriturismo-ranch-vaghezza


    The "Vaghezza Gilberto" Ranch/Farm Stay is located in the beautiful setting of Vaghezza. The Farm Stay is known for offering pleasant horseback rides and has a total of three rooms: two triple rooms with a shared bathroom and one quadruple room with a private bathroom. An excellent place for families, it offers not only the possibility of horse and pony ...

  • Altopiano-di-Caregno

    Gardone Val Trompia

    The Caregno Plateau covers about 120 hectares in the territory of Valle Trompia and includes the municipalities of Gardone Val Trompia, Marcheno and Tavernole sul Mella. Downstream it is bordered by an escarpment of limestone-dolomitic rocks; upstream, it is bordered by reliefs that fall within the "Area of Particular Environmental Interest" of Monte Guglielmo. The grassy expanse hosts numerous dolines ...

  • anello-2-valli


    Starting from the northern terminus of the Brescia Metro (Prealpino), head towards Franciacorta to tackle the first of the route's many uphill slopes, from Gussago to Brione. From here, you will reach the middle Valle Trompia and, with a few unexpected uphill slopes, you will reach the upper valley. From the hamlet of Aiale, you will begin the climb that ...

  • Alpe-di-Zerma


    The Alpe di Zerma Farm was founded by Sandra in 2010, initially producing only blueberries. Over the years, its cultivation was expanded to include medicinal herbs, saffron, apples and the Black Chokeberry. The raw materials are used to make jams, juices, creams, essential oils and herbal teas.

  • il-mulino


    The "Il Mulino" Farm is a livestock farm that breeds dairy goats. It has about sixty goats, which produce milk that, from March to November, is processed daily in the farm's dairy to make fresh and mature cheeses, yoghurt and ricotta. The products have all received the EC marking.   The cheeses are made from raw milk, mostly with lactic ...

  • azienda-agricola-pesei

    Tavernole sul Mella

    The Pesei Farm is a timeless place where guests can enjoy nature and a good meal. The genuine hospitality of the farm, only a 30-minute walk from Caregno, has meant that this place has gained more and more popularity and a good reputation over the years. The offer proposed by Pesei not only includes a real restaurant but also allows ...

  • piccola-università


    The Village of Avano is considered the primitive centre, the heart of Pezzaze, and the only nucleus of primitive dwellings existing at the time of Roman rule. However, it was part of the pagus boennensis, i.e. the Roman pagus of Bovegno and the substitute Christian parish church. The history of this place is linked to Don Giovanni Battista Viotti. Viotti ...

  • casa-de-l-alpino


    At the entrance to the town, in an elevated position, visitors are welcomed by the massive building of the Casa de l’Alpino (Alpine House) whose foundation stone was laid in 1938 but was not officially inaugurated until August 1946, after the travails of the war. Strongly desired by the Alpine trooper Omobono Bertelli from Irma and by the ANA of ...

  • maniva-monte-colombine-skialp-ciaspole


    To undertake the snowshoe hike that goes from Maniva to Monte Colombine, climb up from Collio in upper Valle Trompia to the Yoke of Maniva (1664 m), where you can park your car in the large piazza near the Hotel Dosso Alto (if the road is clear, you can even drive a couple more kilometres to Hotel Bonardi), where the ...