Trails mapped by CAI (Italian Alpine Club) and educational trails in the Valley

For trekking enthusiasts, Valle Trompia is full of walking paths of any difficulty, length or elevation gain mapped by the CAI. There are also more accessible trails suitable for family-friendly walks and even educational trails, with information panels along the way describing the type of flora and fauna or history of the area. The Sentiero dell’Acqua (Water Path) in Irma, Sentiero dei Carbonai (Charcoal Burners’ Path) in Pezzaze or Sentiero Lupi (Wolves Path) in Polaveno are always popular destinations, especially for children.

All the mountain trails can be found on the Geoportal of the Comunità Montana della Valle Trompia (Valle Trompia Mountain Community).

Best walks in the Valley

You can find other trails mapped by CAI at the links below