Snowshoe hike from Maniva to Monte Colombine

The classic Brescian hike

To undertake the snowshoe hike that goes from Maniva to Monte Colombine, climb up from Collio in upper Valle Trompia to the Yoke of Maniva (1664 m), where you can park your car in the large piazza near the Hotel Dosso Alto (if the road is clear, you can even drive a couple more kilometres to Hotel Bonardi), where the snowshoe hike begins immediately. Of course, the same itinerary can be followed by ski mountaineers!

Climb up the usually well-maintained slopes behind the hotel, skirting the ski slopes until you reach the wide ridge of Monte Dasdanino (2088 m) where Chalet Dasdana is located (crossing the road several times and passing near Hotel Bonardi).

At this point, the environment becomes wilder, and you arrive at the Dasdana Pass. After a final climb, you reach the peak of the same name at an altitude of 2191 m. The last part of the hike (carefully evaluating the conditions of the snow) continues along the ridge, passing the first and second Colombine (marked by a huge pylon) and then arriving at the final destination: Monte Colombine (2217 m) with a cross on the summit. 360-degree view over the Orobie mountains, Mount Adamello, and the mountains of Garda and Val Trompia.



Duration: 2 hours

Altitude difference: 600 m

Recommended period: December-March

Map: Ingenia “Alta Valle Trompia” no .01

Departure: Giogo del Maniva 1664 m

Arrival: Monte Colombine 2217 m

Length: 6 Km

Difficulty: The path up to Mount Dasdana is easy but then becomes more challenging (evaluate the snow cover and the need for crampons)