valley ring route

Long route for more experienced riders

Starting from the northern terminus of the Brescia Metro (Prealpino), head towards Franciacorta to tackle the first of the route’s many uphill slopes, from Gussago to Brione. From here, you will reach the middle Valle Trompia and, with a few unexpected uphill slopes, you will reach the upper valley.

From the hamlet of Aiale, you will begin the climb that will take you to Marmentino (Passo Termine), passing through the tiny municipality of Irma.

You will then enter Val Sabbia, where you can explore the territories of Pertiche and Ono Degno with continuous uphill and downhill slopes. Once you have reached this point, it is a good idea to take a break before tackling the final challenging slopes. The ride will become gentle as far as the village of Casto, where the ascent will start and lead you back to Valle Trompia, passing through Bione, Agnosine and the Passo Del Cavallo.

Once you reach the town of Lumezzane, it will be all downhill back to the starting point, allowing you to loosen up your legs after the steep climb.