Valle Trompia certainly has no shortage of parks equipped with games for children and picnic areas complete with barbecues, where you can spend a pleasant day relaxing and seeking relief from the heat near the stream or on the banks of the mountain lakes.

  • Altopiano-di-Caregno

    Gardone Val Trompia

    The Caregno Plateau covers about 120 hectares in the territory of Valle Trompia and includes the municipalities of Gardone Val Trompia, Marcheno and Tavernole sul Mella. Downstream it is bordered by an escarpment of limestone-dolomitic rocks; upstream, it is bordered by reliefs that fall within the "Area of Particular Environmental Interest" of Monte Guglielmo. The grassy expanse hosts numerous dolines ...

  • casa-de-l-alpino


    At the entrance to the town, in an elevated position, visitors are welcomed by the massive building of the Casa de l’Alpino (Alpine House) whose foundation stone was laid in 1938 but was not officially inaugurated until August 1946, after the travails of the war. Strongly desired by the Alpine trooper Omobono Bertelli from Irma and by the ANA of ...

  • maniva-ski-comprensorio-sciistico


    Come and discover the Maniva Ski resort! Breath-taking views and the unspoiled nature of the Rhaetian Alps: the simple beauty of Alta Valle Trompia. Families and lovers of outdoor activities, the mountains and having fun will find plenty to get their teeth into here. In fact, Maniva offers everything you need for a perfect mountain holiday. Exclusive hotels with a ...

  • sentiero-dei-carbonai


    The Sentiero dei Carbonai (Charcoal burners' Path) winds for about 1 km along the Cavallina valley, in an area where charcoal production remained alive until the 1960s. Evocative paths in the woods give a glimpse of the remains of "aie carbonili" (charcoal kilns), huts and "calchere" (lime kilns), where a tradition of work pulsated in close connection with the mining ...

  • Sentiero-sorgenti-lupi


    A typical river valley, Val Saino is crossed by a torrent with an irregular flow. At the springs dominating the valley, you can still see salamanders, frogs, tadpoles, aquatic insects and tracks of wild boars that frequent the area to water. The difficulty of accessing it by car has hindered the cutting of the forest favouring the growth of majestic ...

  • Monte-Pernice

    Brione, Villa Carcina

    At  899 metres, Monte Pernice is an ideal destination for low to medium difficulty walks along the paths leading from Brione to the surrounding chestnut groves and farmsteads. Starting from the municipal water point and taking the Sentiero della Resistenza (Resistance Trail), it is possible to reach a farm with a panoramic view over the entire Valle Trompia and Franciacorta. ...

  • Parco-del-Lembrio


    Thirty kilometres from the centre of Brescia, on the road leading to Lodrino, Valle Trompia “changes its skin” and a radically changing landscape is seen. The new landscape is symbolised by Valle del Lembrio, an unexpected tourist resort with excellent online reviews. It is a family-friendly nature park where you can admire fantastic mountain views, green expanses and countless pools ...

  • parco-mella-bovegno


    The Mella Park of Bovegno is a peaceful green area next to the Mella river, equipped with all the comforts to enjoy a day immersed in the nature of Alta Valle Trompia. The park has games for children, a picnic area, beach volley court, relaxation area beside the river, a fishing pond, bar, barbecue and public toilets.

  • Pineta-parco-alpini


    The Parco degli Alpini (Park of the Alpine Corps) in Pineta is home to the monument of the "Alpine Troops of Valli Brescane", inaugurated in 1969 by General Romolo Ragnoli and blessed by Father Marcolini. It is located at the top of an imposing staircase, at the sides of which are two 100 mm howitzers. The green pine forest is ...

  • Sella-Dell-Oca


    The town of Sella dell'Oca is on the ridge dividing Valle Trompia from Franciacorta. The place is bucolic, surrounded by thick woods. The town is also famous for its hiking trails. A beautiful hiking trail leads from Villa Carcina to this enchanted place, which can also be easily reached from Brione itself.

  • Nave

    The “Sentiero dei Marroneti” (Path of the Chestnut Woods) indicates the road leading from Nave to the Sanctuary of Conche. The path is characterised by its state of conservation and by the size of the cobblestones making up the pavement, large white limestone stones with a flat surface arranged in a beautiful mosaic pattern. The path is crisscrossed by various ...

  • casa-della-natura-bovezzo


    Casa della Natura (House of Nature) was created from the recovery - by the Municipal Council of Bovezzo and a group of volunteers - of the old Rampinelli sheepfold and a fabulous centuries-old chestnut grove. The Casa della Natura is just a stone's throw from the centre of Bovezzo: exactly where the barn once stood. It is situated in a ...