Located just a few kilometres from the city,  with its mountains and pre-alpine landscape, Valle Trompia is known for its strong mining and steel tradition on the one hand and rural and farming tradition on the other. This scenario can offer unique experiences immersed in nature, the perfect stage for winter or summer sports. It also offers special days to discover local traditions, flavours, history and culture.

High Valle Trompia

  • Bovegno
  • Collio
  • Irma
  • Marmentino
  • Pezzaze
  • Tavernole sul Mella

Middle Valle Trompia

  • Brione
  • Gardone Val Trompia
  • Lodrino
  • Marcheno
  • Polaveno
  • Sarezzo

Low Valle Trompia

  • Bovezzo
  • Caino
  • Concesio
  • Lumezzane
  • Nave
  • Villa Carcina