Sentiero del Castagneto da Frutto e Casa Natura

Casa della Natura (House of Nature) was created from the recovery – by the Municipal Council of Bovezzo and a group of volunteers – of the old Rampinelli sheepfold and a fabulous centuries-old chestnut grove.
The Casa della Natura is just a stone’s throw from the centre of Bovezzo: exactly where the barn once stood. It is situated in a hilly area of about 7000 square metres, inside a beautiful wood that creates a perfect atmosphere where visitors can take a break from the frenetic rhythms and stress of the city.

It is called RECOLT because of the large number of chestnuts produced by the “marroneto” (chestnut grove), which is made up of about eighty chestnut trees of excellent quality. Indeed, the chestnut harvest was once an important component of the local economy. It is no coincidence that the Casa della Natura is located on the circuit of the “Sagra del Marrone” (Chestnut Festival), which the towns of Bovezzo, Nave and Caino have been holding for many years. In autumn, the festival is an opportunity to taste the typical products of Valle Trompia and appreciate the rich woods on the outskirts of Brescia. The structure is managed by the Bovezzo section of G.I.A.N. (Gruppo Italiano Amici della Natura), which is responsible for maintaining and taking care of the spaces and organising tours, educational activities for children and events aimed at promoting an all-encompassing “culture of nature.” The house has an indoor hall with a kitchen, available upon booking. The outdoor area is furnished with tables, picnic equipment and grassland that everyone can freely use. The site is also included in the itineraries of the Valle Trompia Ecomuseum – The Mountain and Industry.