Il Sentiero dei Carbonai

The Sentiero dei Carbonai (Charcoal burners’ Path) winds for about 1 km along the Cavallina valley, in an area where charcoal production remained alive until the 1960s. Evocative paths in the woods give a glimpse of the remains of “aie carbonili” (charcoal kilns), huts and “calchere” (lime kilns), where a tradition of work pulsated in close connection with the mining and metal-working activity. Whether it was for logging or for preparing wood and burning charcoal, the charcoal burner lived in the woods for most of the year, moving with his family to the huts that were built near the kilns.
The Sentiero dei Carbonai is almost entirely flat, at around 640-670 metres. The actual hiking trail continues up to the slopes of Monte Guglielmo. The path is equipped with information-educational panels and is freely accessible all year round (recommended period from March to October).
The Sentiero dei Carbonai one of the stages of the “Via del Bosco” of the Ecomuseum of Valle Trompia. The Mountain and Industry.