From Nave to Monte Ucia

A long walk of medium difficulty in the Brescian Pre-Alps

Download the route that goes from Nave to Monte Ucia and discover the itinerary!

From Nave, follow Trail 3V which goes up to Colle di San Vito (566 m), where a small church of the same name exists. Then leave Trail 3V, which climbs up towards the Maddalena, and take Trail 391 along a dirt road that leads to a grassy clearing. After leaving the road, climb up to the left towards a hunting lodge and then enter the woods among limestone rocks to reach the Cascine Dragoncello. Shortly after, you reach a ridge, follow it to the summit of Mount Dragoncello (1094 m) with a small cross.

Going down towards the north and passing some bird snares, you reach a small road that climbs up from Serle and passes through the Cariadeghe plateau. From here, keep to the left and follow the path that climbs up, passing over the subpeak of the Dosso del Lupo. You then arrive near the Corna di Caino (a rocky spire on top of which is a shrine) and shortly afterwards on Monte Ucia (1167 m).



Length: 9.5 Km

Altitude difference: 1100 m