From Caregno to Monte Guglielmo

A walk towards the king of the Brescians between the alpine farmsteads of Stalletti Bassi and Stalletti Alti

How to get from Caregno to Monte Guglielmo. You can find all the information here, as well as the possibility of downloading the route!

Starting from the car park near the “La Fabbrica” restaurant in Piani di Caregno (1002 m), following CAI Trail no. 318, you can take a long walk up to Monte Guglielmo!

The path begins uphill and after a nice stretch on the ridge you reach the Sabbione Pass (1442 m). Then, following a dirt road, you arrive at the Stalletti Bassi (1542 m) and Stalletti Alti (1690 m) Alpine Farmsteads, where you can rest. Then, continue to walk uphill until you reach the stretch that leads to Monte Guglielmo (1948 m), where the Redentore Monument and the statue of Pope Paul VI (Pope Montini) are located. The view of Monte Rosa – Adamello – Orobie and Monti del Garda is beautiful!

Before arriving at or returning to the Stalletti Alti Alpine Farmstead, you will come to a junction with CAI Trail no. 325, which in 40 minutes will take you to the CAI Valtrompia Refuge, where you can enjoy an excellent meal. From there, you can take trail no. 320 to return to Caregno in an hour and a half.

In general, the walk can be done in all seasons (in winter, it is a destination for ski mountaineers and snowshoe hikers who climb up from several sides).

The summer period sees the opening of the Almici Refuge, which is located 10 minutes from the summit, clearly visible looking towards the west and Lake Iseo.


Length: 6.5 km

Altitude difference: 946 m