Church of Saints Faustino and Giovita

The Parish Church of Saints Faustino and Giovita was built from 1633 onwards on pre-existing medieval structures and was consecrated in 1652. The project was entrusted to Giovanni Battista Lantana, who in 1604 also designed, while still in his twenties, the Duomo Nuovo of Brescia. Lantana died in 1627 and unfortunately did not see the completion of the church.

The current facade of the church has an evident classical character. Four columns rise on a high plinth supporting the triangular gable, with two large niches housing the austere statues of Saints Faustino and Giovita. Inside the Church of Saints Faustino and Giovita, stands out the altarpiece of the Madonna and Child with Saints by the Moretto school, which is contained in a large frame by Carlo Dossena. In the presbytery, the chancels are made of finely carved wood by the Pialorsi, known as the Boscaì (woodworkers) of Levrange, acclaimed master wood carvers.

The side altars feature altarpieces by painters who have long been frequent visitors to the entire valley: Antonio Gandino with Crucifix and Saints and Francesco Paglia with his Saint Anthony of Padua. The 16th-century carved wooden crucifix hanging on the Holy arch is worth noting. This valuable piece of artwork was created by the sculptor, Maffeo Olivieri.