Sentiero Solivo

Itinerary 342 Valle Trompia, between 900 and 1200 m

Trail 342 crosses the right orographic side of Valle Trompia, remaining between the altitudes of 900 m and 1200 m.

The departure point in Predondo, in the direction of the Santuario Della Misericordia, is shared with Trail 335 up to Buicco, where the 342 descends to the right. A mysterious boulder covered with crosses stands near this crossroads. The trail crosses the Meola stream and then goes up the green meadows of Zerma. It follows a mule track that passes above the Prati Magri to reach Masne, crosses the Zerlo stream and some fields before reaching the locality of Ponte Rango. The path continues along the hillside, crosses the Romanesque bridge at Sarlene and climbs up to Bongio. It passes near Forcella and encounters a small road with small ventilation tunnels belonging to the mining tunnels below. A winding path then leads to Memmo di Collio, climbs up to the locality of Coca, the highest and most panoramic point of the path, and then descends into Valle di Serramando with its modern hydroelectric power station.

After leaving the main mule track, the trail leads to the locality of Invino and then “Bol Nof” in San Colombano.