In Punta Almana from Gardone Val Trompia

Excursion on the ridge between Valle Trompia and Sebino

How to get to Punta Almana from Gardone Val Trompia?

The ascent from Valle di Gardone to reach Punta Almana is a well-balanced and picturesque route, with a good overall difference in altitude and a good variety of landscapes. The path passes through Mostaccio and Croce di Pezzuolo.

To undertake this walk, it is advisable to leave your car in the large parking area at the end of the road that runs through the Gardone Valley and then continue on foot. After crossing the stream (just before the car park), in a few minutes, you will arrive at the start of CAI Trail no. 312.

Following the signs, take the mule track that climbs straight up to the municipal aqueduct and then plunges into the dense woodland at the end of which stands the Mostaccio Farmhouse at an altitude of 765 metres.

The path continues along the upper side of the meadow where the farmhouse is located, then arrives at Croce di Pezzuolo 937 m, a pass between Valle Trompia and the Sebino. This is the point where it meets Trail 3V which you will have to take to climb the final steep ascent to Punta Almana at 1390 m.

At the top, you can admire a spectacular view of Lake Iseo, the Orobie mountains and nearby Monte Guglielmo!


Length: 4.5 km

Altitude difference: 970 m

Difficulty: Up to Croce di Pezzuolo for Hikers, then Expert Hikers