From Villa Carcina to Monte Pernice

A walk through fields and farmhouses

Route passing through Villa Carcina, San Rocco and Pernice

A walk through fields and farmhouses

Trail 302 is one of the most evocative and characteristic routes in the Villa Carcina area in terms of landscape. The starting point is located in the town of San Rocco, where you can admire an artistic-looking ancient cult building that is well known by those living in Brescia. Continuing from here, the road crosses San Rocco allowing you to admire several farmhouses that remained inhabited until recently, such as the Capponi stables, the Batistì House and the Livelli house. Trail 302 continues straight up to the Pernice farmstead, where it is possible to admire a beautiful view of the whole of Franciacorta. You can meet other sports people along the trail, who will share the same path for a few kilometres before taking Trail no. 301 or 301/A.


Starting altitude: 260 m

Arrival altitude: 871 m

Altitude difference: 611 m

Duration: 2 hrs

Difficulty: easy

Recommended period: all year round

Intermediate times and heights: Stalla Capponi 438 m, 30 min; Stalla Campo Lupo 606 m, 1 hr; Busö del Torcol 724 m, 1.30 hrs; Cascina Pernice 871 m, 2 hrs.