From Pregno to Monte Palosso

Route between 240 m and 1158 m between Villa Carcina and Concesio

Discover the itinerary that goes from Pregno to Monte Palosso. You can find all the information here and also the possibility of downloading the route!

The hike begins on the east side of the Mella River in Pregno, a hamlet of Villa Carcina where parking is available.

The route follows the steep track that runs alongside the Pregno stream until reaching the locality of Zignone (515 m), which is not only of artistic value due to the presence of the little ancient church but also mythological and mythical value.

The trail continues to the locality of Soc (570 m). Further on, you will encounter majestic centuries-old beech trees and then arrive at the esplanade in Carpen (1080 m), where there is a classic fixed hunting post. Shortly after, you arrive at Monte Palosso (1158 m), where the four emplacements of the cannon batteries built in 1916 are clearly visible. The batteries were initially equipped with machine guns, later with 65 mm cannons and represented the last line of defence for Brescia during the Great War.

You can make out the peaks of the Lombardy Pre-Alps from the summit, and on a clear day, you can even see Monte Rosa.


Altitude difference: 918 m

Length: 5.5 Km