Vaghezza is located in the Municipality of Marmentino, between 1100 and 1200 metres. It can be reached from the central hamlet of Dosso via an easy asphalted road. You can take peaceful walks along the dirt tracks connecting the various special sites of the area, enjoying the purity of the air and panorama, which stretches for many kilometres to the north and south of the Massiccio del Guglielmo. The locality offers visitors a variety of interesting attractions, without being too disruptive on the environment. You can comfortably replenish yourself with typical local dishes at the trattorias and the Farm Stay with riding stables located on the green slopes leading to the plains of Vaghezza. Alternatively, if you prefer a snack, you can take a break in the meadows and clearings on the edge of the majestic beech woods equipped with simple wooden and stone facilities (benches, tables,  barbecues). From here, you can indulge in various itineraries: towards Pian del Bene, Monte Ario, Campo di Nasso and the Pezzeda, or Malga Croce and the meadows of Pezzaze or towards Valle Sabbia.