Mella bike path

From Brescia to Bovegno, going up the river

The Mella bike path is an artery of the Valle Trompia that leads from Brescia to Bovegno, in the upper valley, going up the course of the river of the same name.

The well signposted and maintained bike path alternates between stretches of asphalted and dirt roads, which can also be travelled on city or trekking bikes.

Among the many points of cultural, historical, artistic and scenic interest that you will encounter along the way are the Forno Fusorio in Tavernole and the Roman bridge in Bovegno, as well as several historic hamlets such as Zigole. As you move away from the town and into the valley, you can observe the landscape changing, and becoming increasingly rural.

In case you need to eat and rest along the way, there are many farm restaurants and accommodation facilities where you can taste typical valley products and immerse yourself in local traditions.