Torre Romana

The Torre Romana (Roman Tower) in Bovegno is the headquarters of the Angelo Canossi Foundation established in  1996 with the purpose of researching, documenting and studying Brescia’s traditions and cultural heritage. The Foundation has absorbed and continues to carry out the activities of the Angelo Canossi Institution, which was set up by the parish priest of Bovegno, Monsignor Francesco Bertoli and Professor Aldo Cibaldi, a disciple of Canossi, after the Brescian poet’s death on 9 October 1943. The Torre Romana is located in the centre of the town of Castello. The tower is traditionally called “Roman”, even though it dates back to medieval times. It is characterised by a square base and a reduced height following the collapse of the upper part on 10 July 1642. Built with regular ashlars made of Lombard Verrucano, the ground floor houses a space used for exhibitions and cultural events. The three upper floors are currently used as storage rooms.

It is only open for events or by appointment.