Parish Church of Sant’Apollonio

Discover the Parish Church of Sant’Apollonio!

The pre-existing church, already mentioned at the beginning of the 15th century, became a parish church in the first half of the following century, detaching itself from the parish church of St John the Baptist. The foundation stone was laid in 1673 and it was designed by Stefano Bianchi, who in 1672 had also designed the ancient church of Saints Sebastiano and Fabiano in Lumezzane. The building is flanked by the tall bell tower, which was built between the years 1690 and 1742 reusing stone from the previous structure. The temple can be accessed through the main entrance door and the two bronze side doors, made in 1976 by the sculptor Matteo Ferrari of Ponte di Legno. The single-chamber interior preserves the beautiful wooden altarpiece of the altar of Saints Antonio and Addolorata created in  1707 by the Val Sabbia-born carver Bortolo Zambelli, who also made the choir stalls (1725). There are numerous works of art, including the paintings Noli Me Tangere (17th-century Flemish school) and the Madonna with Child and Saints by Giovanni Tortelli (circa 1735).