Parish Church of Saints Peter and Paul

The Parish Church of Saints Peter and Paul was consecrated in 1685, but its interior still retains a Renaissance aspect, and the solemn façade can be traced back to the Cremonese style of the late 16th century.

The parish church of Marcheno houses a cycle of late 15th-century frescoes unique in the Brescia area, dedicated to the Apostolic Creed and attributed to Pietro Bonvicino, Moretto’s father. He probably painted it in collaboration with Floriano Ferramola. Extremely rare and interesting from an iconographic point of view, the cycle represents the formula of the profession of faith still in use in the liturgical practice celebrated during Holy Mass, in which each Apostle is accompanied by an inscription with the respective article of the “Creed” and by the representation of the corresponding scene. On the whole, the pictorial work consists of two large panels on the side walls of the presbytery, which develop on two registers, each consisting of three pictures, for a total of twelve, which are read from right to left starting from the top, in a circular pattern.

The building houses treasures such as the high altarpiece with the  Handing over of the Key to St Peter, one of the most important works signed and dated in 1620 by Francesco Giugno, one of the most gifted pupils of Palma il Giovane, and the Enthroned Madonna and Child with the saints Catherine of Alexandria, Barbara, Lucia and Agata, which was painted around 1609 by Pietro Giacomo Barucco, the Penitent St Jerome and the Mysteries of the Rosary painted by Pompeo Ghitti in the last twenty years of the 17th century.

The Sanctuary is one of the stages of the “Sacred and Art Route” of the Ecomuseum of Valle Trompia.