Minor Roman Basilica of Saints Antonino Martire and Pope Paul VI

The Minor Roman Basilica of saints Antonino Martire and Pope Paul VI, also known as the “Pieve di Concesio” is dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and only later to San Antonino Martire of Piacenza. It was founded around the 9th century and consecrated on 19 August 1540. Monsignor Vincenzo Antonini, sent by Cardinal Carlo Borromeo, describes it as facing east, ancient, ornate with five altars, a bell tower, a rectory and a cemetery on the left side. Besides being extensively decorated, the church also features an organ kindly donated by Archpriest Coradelli around 1650. According to Sandro Guerrini, “this chapel, together with the two side chapels, is part of the last extension of the parish church of Concesio.” The two other chapels are adjacent to that of the Most Holy, dedicated to St Charles and St Catherine of Alexandria respectively, which were said to have been built by Marchetti in 1727-1730 together with the presbytery and façade.