Church of San Rocco

18th-century Valle Trompia in the hamlet of Invico

The Church of San Rocco was built to the south of the previous 15th-century chapel of San Sebastiano, of which the late Gothic bell tower remains. Construction of the temple was rapid, in fact, it was completed in 1736, after only four years.

The façade is linear and elegant with a curious central curvilinear shape.

Worth noting is the 18th-century organ with Baroque decorations and the 16th-century polyptych. The oldest part of the sacred furnishings consists of a frame with trefoil arches framing thirteen tablets depicting Christ and the twelve apostles. The figures recall the works of Foppa from the 1470s and 1480s and the Mantegna images by Francesco da Padova.

The presbytery is adorned by a cycle dedicated to San Rocco. It was painted by Domenico Voltolini, whose presence in Lodrino testifies to the thriving artistic scene that characterised Valle Trompia in the 18th century.