Mining Museum

The Pezzaze Mining Museum includes the Marzoli Mine and the “Il Mondo dei Minatori e l’Arte del Ferro” museum. Open to the public since 1999, the Marzoli Mine today represents a place of collective memory: entering it is equivalent to crossing the threshold of an environment where all the senses are ready to grasp every slightest variation. The first opportunity to enter the bowels of the mountain is aboard a “little yellow train.” The train allows visitors to enjoy a fascinating and unrepeatable experience! Once inside the mining tunnel, the presence of dark silhouettes glimpsed through the side branches provides an insight into the difficult work of the miners. A visit to the tunnel is complemented by the museum dedicated to “Il Mondo dei Minatori e dell’Arte del Ferro”, set up in the external building that was once used to carry out some production activities and to serve the miners. The museum consists of two sections dedicated to illustrating the historical and scientific aspects of mining in the area and to iron works by the sculptor Vittorio Piotti (1935-2000). The Mining Museum of Pezzaze is one of the stages of the “Via del Ferro e delle Miniere” (Iron and Mining Route) of the Ecomuseum of Valle Trompia. The Mountain and Industry, and is part of the Valle Trompia Museum System.