Mine of Sant’Aloisio

This underground path of about 2.5 km allows safely exploring the mine on foot “in its natural state”, as it was left when the mining activity was abandoned. The entire visit takes place on foot, equipped with helmet torches to illuminate the path and aims to uphold the memory of the work of the miners, to promote a great heritage of industrial archaeology, to remember and pass on to future generations the knowledge of the past and the mining culture of this valley. This is done by recounting how the mining activity was carried out and describing the working conditions and the history of the people who worked there. The Adventure Park allows visitors to explore the imposing surface structures of the old mine, adventurously retracing the route taken by the iron ore through Tibetan bridges, ropes, walkways and ladders in a challenge that is not only fun but also educational. The San Aloisio Mine is one of the stages of the “Via del Ferro e delle Miniere” of the Ecomuseum of Valle Trompia and is part of the Museum System of Valle Trompia.

The Speleo-climatic Centre of the Sant’Aloisio Mine is 1,400 metres long. Visitors board a small train which takes them about 400 metres inside the tunnel. The rest of the mine can be discovered on foot, along a cemented and illuminated path, with benches to rest, tables, historical photos and original equipment and tools. For those who do not want to walk in the mine, spaces have been set up with loungers where visitors can spend time relaxing.