Val delle Melle and Molino Path

With an almost flat profile, the area is characterised by the presence of numerous streams and torrents (hence the name Val delle Melle) and by the remains of the ancient “seriola” (irrigation channel) of the 16th-century mill. Charcoal kilns and lime kilns are still visible today.

In addition to the woods, specific types of vegetation are significant in the organisation of the rural landscape, including riparian trees and roadside hedges. The valley also offers numerous paths suitable for easy walks or hikes towards Monte Ario, Monte Palo, Pertica Alta and Mura. The trail winds for about 2 km at 640 meters, peaking at 700 metres at Acquanegra.

The mill, the starting point from which this spider web of paths branches off, has now become a welcoming house-restaurant. Here you can taste local food and wine products and participate in numerous educational initiatives and outdoor activities. Also equipped with a barbecue area and a fountain from which flows fresh, crystal-clear mountain water, the area of the old mill has become a small paradise for lovers of nature and the outdoors.

The Path of Val delle Melle is one of the naturalistic-cultural paths included in the Ecomuseum of Valle Trompia. The Mountain and Industry.