From Lumezzane to Cascina Cocca passing through Monte Conche

A walk through the woods and chestnut trees of Lumezzane

Do you want to discover the paths starting from Lumezzane and to download the route? Here are the directions that start from Lumezzane and arrive at Cascina Cocca, passing through Via Ruca and Monte Conche!

At the end of Via Ruca in the locality of Faidana in Lumezzane, take a small road that crosses a stream and leads to the start of CAI Trail no. 374 for Cascina Cocca. The walk begins by crossing the Valle di Settime and then, after about an hour, it arrives at the ruins of Piani di Calone (760m), surrounded by giant chestnut trees. From there, during the walk, you will come across the old stations of the Via Crucis, in a section of the path known as “Viale Della Misericordia.”

Shortly afterwards, you reach the large meadow where the beautiful Sanctuary of Conche is located, which is linked to the name of the hermit San Costanzo, dating back to the period between the 11th and 12th centuries. Climbing the ridge and following the artistic wooden crosses of the Via Crucis, you arrive at the summit of Monte Conche (1154 m) where you can admire an even better view of the sanctuary and a 360-degree panorama of the surrounding mountains.

With a shorter route (about 45 minutes), you can reach the Sanctuary by car along Via Faidana to the locality of Cascina Cocca (830 m). From there, always following Trail 374, coast along a pond and then pass through the Santella di San Carlo and the Cappelletta di S. Apollonio to reach the sanctuary. An interesting detour could be the one that goes along Trail 3V which, in about 30 minutes, takes you to the Hermitage of San Giorgio located on a rocky knoll.


Duration: 2 hrs

Altitude difference: 720 m

Length: 4.4 km to Monte Conche

Arrival: Monte Conche (1154 m); it is then possible to continue to Cascina Cocca (830 m)