From Lumezzane to Corna del Sonclino

A walk through the woods towards a wonderful panorama

An itinerary that leads from Lumezzane to the Corna del Sonclino, passing through Lumezzane Pieve and San Bernardo along CAI Trail no. 363.

To take the path that leads from Lumezzane to Corna del Sonclino, go to the car park of the Parish Church of Pieve. From here (following the signs), a long flight of steps takes you along Via San Bernardo towards the road that leads to the Madonna del Caravaggio. Following the signs, you arrive in a beautiful meadowy expanse characterised by the presence of centuries-old chestnut trees, a large farmstead, a waterhole and grazing animals.

In a short time, along a comfortable mule track, you will reach the beautiful and panoramic votive church of San Bernardo dating back to 1573, near which the  “Serafino Zani” Astronomical Observatory was built, a cultural meeting place and a centre for educational and scientific activities.

The path continues uphill into the woods leading to the Tesa meadow (1021 m) and further on to the grassy basin of Malga Artecle (1183m), which is a carpet of flowers in the springtime.

Just a little further and you will reach the summit of Monte Sonclino (1352 m) where you can admire a 360-degree view!


Altitude difference:  870 m

Length:  5 km