From Gardone Val Trompia to Santa Maria del Giogo

Historical walk

How to get from Gardone Val Trompia to Santa Maria del Giogo in two hours.

CAI Trail no. 311 is not one of the shortest trails, but it is undoubtedly one of the most evocative!

The path starts from Gardone V.T. (where you will find an information board) and arrives at Santa Maria del Giogo. It has great historical value, especially in the Domaro area. In fact, an anti-aircraft emplacement was set up in this area during the First World War, which can still be seen today. Furthermore, the limestone rocks here have such unique characteristics that they are named after the area (Domeriano or Domariano limestone).

CAI Trail no. 311 begins in Via S. Maria (just behind the Gardone Val Trompia primary and middle schools) and follows the remains of an ancient mule track: it first passes alongside an ancient shrine called “Santel de Pusole”, then Paule di Sopra with a farmhouse located in the middle of a large meadow, before arriving in the green and isolated village of Domaro at 804 m.

Continuing towards Cucca (875 m), shortly after, on the right you will come across an ancient building with small towers, another 30 minutes of walking and you will arrive at the beautiful church of Santa Maria del Gioco (968 m) which stands on a lovely meadow. From here, you can admire a breath-taking view of Lake Iseo and Montisola!