From Memmo to Cima Dasdana

Route from Memmo to Cima Dasdana passing through Bivacco Grazzini and Laghetti Ravenola

The itinerary starts from a small road embellished by a characteristic water basin, which has its source in the piazza of Memmo. This paved road makes its way between the ancient structures of the village to reach the monumental chapel, recently restored by Gabriel Gatti, dedicated to the Madonna and Child, on which you can also admire the portraits of Santa Maria Goretti and San Antonio Abate.

Proceeding towards the summit with the help of the arrows, more and more spectacular views open up, where you can stop and admire the many naturalistic elements, such as the wide basin furrowed by the Torgola torrent, whose water was fundamental to the mining history in Alta Valle Trompia. In addition to the naturalistic landscape, the trail is dotted with picturesque restored farmhouses that carry with them pieces of Brescian history. One of these is a very popular tourist destination: after the torrent mentioned above, on the left, is a building whose walls contain a plaque bearing the words “e che … gh’è l’aria dè montagna e i fiur e j – usilì, e ‘l cor quand ché ‘l scaragna él vé so ché a guarì” taken from a poem by the famous Brescian dialectal poet Angelo Canossi.

This journey between history and nature is finally crowned by the Passo delle Sette Crocette at an altitude of 2041 metres, whose grassy expanse has an altar with overlapping flat stones surmounted by Seven Iron Crosses. For the sake of historical relevance, however, it should be specified that the origin of the name may not be linked to these crosses but rather to the fact that this place was once a crossroads.


Characteristics of the route: Memmo (989 m) – Passo Sette Crocette (2041 m). The itinerary initially develops on an easy road, then on a mule track and finally on a well-marked path, first through the woods and then along the alpine pasture land.

Altitude difference: 1052 m.

Interesting landscape features: expansive views over Alta Val Trompia and Media-Alta Valle Camonica

Interesting naturalistic features: flora typical of alpine pastures and acid rocks.

Recommended period: from June to October, with the flowering at its peak in July.

Duration: ascent (3.15 hrs); descent (2.30 hrs).

Clothing: medium mountain clothing.

Signs: CAI Trail no. 343.

Parking: Piazza di Memmo.