Snowshoe hike from Maniva to Punta Auccia

Former military route among the peaks of Brescia

Some experts have defined the itinerary that leads from Maniva to Punta Auccia as one of the most interesting in the Brescian basin. In winter, if it is covered by a lot of snow, it can be travelled on skis or snowshoes. Its military origins allow you to cross the upper part of the Brescian Pre-Alps while admiring its amazing landscape. The route begins, as with the snowshoe hike to Mount Colombine, in the courtyard of Hotel Dosso Alto or Hotel Bonardi (if the road is clean).

Once you reach the Dasdana pass, follow the snow-covered road to the right with a view of the Dosso dei Galli (former NATO site) with its gigantic parabolas until you reach the Goletto di Ravenola (2071 m). Then continue along the road, passing below the Dosso dei Galli with a beautiful view of the plain home to the Ravenola lakes. When you reach the crossroads with the private road leading to the Dosso dei Galli  (saddle of Auccia), climb the slope of the peak to the left in a northerly direction and with a final steep climb, you reach the summit cross at an altitude of 2212 metres.


Duration: 2 hrs

Altitude difference: 600 m

Dangers: moderate up to Goletto, the entire crossing should only be undertaken when visibility is good.

Recommended period: December-March

Departure: Giogo del Maniva 1664 m

Arrival: Punta dell’Auccia 2212 m

Length: 7 Km

Difficulty: Generally easy, with a steep final part (crampons are useful)