Sanctuary of Santa Maria della Misericordia

Stage of the "Via del Sacro e dell'Arte" (Sacred and Art Route)

The Sanctuary of Santa Maria della Misericordia or “Madonna di Bovegno” is part of the “Via del Sacro e dell’Arte” itinerary.

The Marian sanctuary, perhaps the most famous in the valley, stands perched on the slope of the mountain leading to Bovegno, on the spot where the Virgin appeared to the young Maria Amadini in 1527. Although the complex is geographically located in the Municipality of Pezzaze, its spiritual administration belongs to the parish church of Bovegno.

On passing through the Baroque entrance door, similar to the one found in the sanctuary of the Madonnina di Marcheno, the walls of the temple are covered in a rich decorative scheme painted in 1948 by Vittorio Trainini. Instead, the medallions in the vaults of the transept belong to an 18th-century decoration, and the altars made of polychrome marble and scagliola have a purely neoclassical style.

The 1707 votive canvas depicting the Valle del Trompia Army venerating the Virgin of Mercy is by the painter from Iseo, Domenico Voltolini. It is flanked by the beautiful Assumption by Tommaso Bona and canvases by Stefano Geroldi dating back to the 1700s. Lastly, it is worth noting the splendid counter by the “Boscaì” (Master Carvers) in the sacristy and the equally valuable counter with goblet from the early 18th century.