Hermitage of San Giorgio

The Hermitage of San Giorgio can be reached from Conche or Caino via the valley of Madonna delle Fontane. Most likely a chapel of Benedictine origin, perhaps even dating back to the 13th century, the building assumed its current form over time, passing from the Benedictine administration to the confraternity of the Humiliati religious order, the same rector of the Sanctuary of Sant’Emiliano in Sarezzo.

The Hermitage of San Giorgio has a concave apse and an archway that divides it from the large atrium. On the right is the “romitorio” or secluded place: a room with a hearth, oven and two superimposed rooms with a well and a canopy on the side. Recent restorations have unearthed an  “Annunciation”, the “Symbols of the Evangelists”, a “Madonna and Child with San Rocco” and a group of saints, among which stands out the titular San Giorgio. “San Zorzi della Corna, the hermitage outside the land on top of the mountain known as Corna is not officiated, but the young hermit who wears a beret and survives on alms lives there all the time.” This is how Giovanni da Lezze in his 1609 book “Catastico Bresciano” referred to the small church when describing the territory of Caino.