From the CAI Valtrompia Refuge to Colle di San Zeno

A hike from refuge to refuge between Monte Guglielmo and Colle di San Zeno

Here are some directions for those who want to reach the CAI Valtrompia Refuge in Pontogna from Pezzoro and then continue to the Piardi Refuge at Colle di San Zeno.

The route starts from Pezzoro (911 m), a hamlet of Tavernole sul Mella. It is a beautiful walk through vast meadows and beech woods, suitable for everyone. From Pezzoro, follow trail 325 (towards Monte Guglielmo) which climbs up a steep mule track to the CAI Valtrompia Refuge (1259 m). You can find all the information here, as well as the possibility of downloading the route!

From the refuge, you can then continue to Malga Mattone-Malga Vivazzo-Colle di San Zeno and finally arrive at the Piardi Refuge.

Leaving the CAI Valtrompia Refuge behind, walk up to a saddle where you will find the Lavacolo Pond (crossroad of paths). Leave trail 320 to Caregno and 325/326 to Monte Guglielmo and Malga Gale on the left, and follow trail 327 on the right, which takes you along a comfortable little road to the Mattone Alpine Farmstead (1269 m). Then take the path that enters the woods, and after a few upward and downward slopes, you will come to a wide meadow belonging to the Vivazzo Alpine Farmstead (1238 m).  Follow the dirt road uphill that passes by the Vivazzo di Mezzo farmstead until you arrive at a crossroads (Trail 3V). Follow this trail to the right, and you will soon arrive at Colle di San Zeno (1434 m) and the Piardi Refuge.

For the return journey, as an alternative, you can follow Trail 3V back to the previous junction with Trail 327 and continue straight along 3V until you get to the Gale Alpine Farmstead, where Trail 326 arrives, which will take you back to the CAI Valtrompia Refuge (1.40 hours from Colle di S. Zeno).


Arrival: Colle di San Zeno 1434 m

Length: 8 km

Duration: 2 hrs 30 min

Altitude difference: 640 m