Up and down to Villa Carcina by MTB

From the village of Sella dell'Oca to Cogozzo

The route starts uphill from the “cemetery” area of Villa Carcina on a forest road with an excellent compact surface. This first stretch, well signposted, is suitable for everyone and can be travelled with any type of MTB or Gravel bike. What will put you to the test are the last 300 metres on a steep track with a rough surface.

Once you reach Sella dell’Oca, continue along a concrete road that gradually descends until you reach the first fork on the right in the village of Magnoli. This will take you to the locality of Pernice. Here you can take a break and admire the landscape before tackling the descent called FR5, which is recommended for enduro or trail bikes. Arriving at Bus del Torcol, you will find yourself in the valley of Cogozzo, from where you can also easily reach the Greenway along the Mella River.