Palazzo Chinelli – Rampinelli

Current seat of the Municipality of Gardone Val Trompia

Little or nothing is known about the construction of Palazzo Chinelli-Rampinelli nor has the name of its architect been passed down to us. As already mentioned, it seems certain that the building was constructed between the end of the 17th century and the first quarter of the 18th century. We also know from a map dated 30 July 1843 that the palazzo was, at that time, the headquarters of the Austrian police station. The municipal palazzo did not undergo any major alterations until 1986 when the engineer Carlo Giorgio Pedercini was hired to carry out consolidation works, extraordinary maintenance and general restoration of the building. The renovations involved a total of 2,340 square metres, lasted three years, and included, among other things, the closure of the entrance on the landing near the marble staircase; a 16th-century fireplace from the former Rossi house in Via San Rocco was recovered and placed in a room on the first floor; the service rooms on the south-west side were uncovered: what had once been the bread ovens were unearthed, as well as pipes to harness the hot air produced there and convey it to the upper floors. Adriano Ansaldi was responsible for restoring the decorative frescoes (architectural details, flowers, late Baroque cornices, etc.) in the small hall adjacent to the main hall on the first floor to their original splendour.