Complex of San Filastro

Heading up the valley, just before the village of Tavernole sul Mella, on the left stands a remarkable building in the cemetery area of the village: it is the church of San Filastrio.

The gabled roof and the slender stone bell tower reveal the typical features of interesting late medieval architecture that invite you to stop and take a look. The frescoed exterior walls invite you to explore what will turn out to be an unexpected artistic treasure trove. The church “speaks” to visitors through its magnificent paintings: an atlas of Brescian paintings that covers a period ranging from the late Middle Ages to the height of the Renaissance.

The nave contains elegant figures of saints and votive pieces, rare examples of 14th-century frescoes. The chapel of San Rocco, located outside, with its graceful portico and frescoes dedicated to various saints, presents a language now fully aware of the innovative minds of the Lombard Renaissance masters. But the real jewel is the Oratory of San Domenico adorned with a fresco cycle from the mid-15th century.
An extraordinarily intact pictorial cycle whose colours still retain an unexpected brilliance. The story of the founder of the Dominican order has earned the Oratory the title of the Sistine Chapel of Valle Trompia.
The San Filastrio complex is one of the stages of the “Sacred and Art Route” of the Ecomuseum of Valle Trompia.