Church of the Holy Trinity

The parish church of Irma, dedicated to the Holy Trinity and consecrated in 1674, was built on a pre-existing 15th-century chapel following disputes that arose between the people of Irma and Magno in order to ensure adequate religious service.

Both the graffiti decoration on the façade, which features Saints Peter and Paul in the upper register surmounted by the Holy Trinity in the pediment, and the plastic-pictorial decoration on the inside, were created by the famous Brescian decorator Vittorio Trainini respectively in 1953 and between 1944 and 1958.
The inside has a beautiful presbytery where it is possible to admire the monumental wooden picture frame attributable to the school of Gianbattista Pialorsi (mid-18th century). Also of note are the paintings by artists such as Antonio Guadagnini, Sante Cattaneo, and Vincenzo Bigoni. There is also a large oil canvas in the sacristy depicting St Sebastian, a copy of the famous painting by Tiziano Vecellio from 1522, belonging to the Averoldi polyptych (now preserved in the Church of Saints Nazaro and Celso in Brescia) and the organ, built in 1847 by Angelo Amati, which still works today.