Church of Santa Maria della Misericordia

The Church of Santa Maria della Misericordia is located in the ancient hamlet of San Sebastiano, embedded in the historical village in close contact with the urban context. It was built at the end of the 17th century to replace an older church built as a votive offering following the plague that had decimated the population of Brescia in 1478. The current temple was created by the architect Stefano Bianchi from Como, who also designed the church of San Apollonio in the Lumezzane hamlet of the same name. The Church of Santa Maria della Misericordia was rebuilt at the end of the 19th century. It was designed by the architect Carlo Melchiotti, preserving the choir, the presbytery and the façade that became the side entrance. The single-chamber interior, decorated in 1921 with gilded stuccoes and frescoes, preserves the canvas painted by Angelo Paglia in 1728 dedicated to the Madonna with Child and Saints Sebastiano and Pope Fabian, which is considered one of the most interesting works of art in Valle Trompia. The painting is inserted in the beautiful wooden altarpiece crafted by Bortolo Zambelli, a fine example of Valle Trompia carving art from the 18th century.