Museum of Weapons and the Tradition of Firearms

Formally recognised as a museum by the Lombardy Region in 2010, this site was created to contextualise the firearm sector in the lives of the people of Gardone. The exhibition presents both the historical evolution of weapons, represented by the most significant examples of firearms, sidearms and armour produced in Gardone between the 15th and 20th centuries; as well as an educational section that, with the help of models and videos, reveals the history of the technological processes involved in weapon making and the rediscovery of ancient techniques refined by centuries of experience. The large attic also houses an educational workshop in which the furnishings of an armoury workshop have been recreated. The itinerary immerses visitors in an atmosphere of bygone times. The Museum of Weapons and Tradition of Firearms is one of the stages of the “Via del Ferro e delle Miniere” (Iron and Mining Route) of the Ecomuseum of Valle Trompia – The Mountain and Industry, and is part of the Museum System of Valle Trompia.