Solivo Triumplino Trail between Bovegno and San Colombano

Trail from Bovegno to San Colombano that can be divided into stages

Download the map of the Solivo Triumplino Trail that will take you from  Bovegno to San Colombano!

CAI Trail no. 342 starts from the hamlet of Predondo in Bovegno, continues along a very long route that remains at an altitude between 900 m and 1200 m, goes up the entire upper Valle Trompia on the orographic right and leads to the hamlet of San Colombano in Collio (it takes about 11 hrs and 30 min to complete the entire hike). The route can be done in stages, starting from the bottom of the valley. In fact, at various points you can shorten the route and descend into the village. For detailed information on the entire route, visit the CAI Bovegno website.

This itinerary of historical, cultural and environmental interest will take you along ancient mule tracks once used for transhumance, passing through fir woods, pine trees (including that of Gardino, which is the most extensive) and green fields, where in the past, wheat was grown in the locality of  Zerna. There are many mountain pastures where shepherding is still practised and dairy products are made, such as the “Valle Della Panna” in Bovegno, so called by the locals due to its numerous “malghe” (alpine farmsteads) that were once in use. Also worth mentioning is the beautiful valley of Serramando in Collio, which is full of shepherd’s huts and farmhouses. Along the way, you will also come across cultural sites such as the remains of an ancient church dating back to the 14th century dedicated to San Glisente and painted farmhouses, in particular the three in San Colombano belonging to three brothers whose façades are decorated with frescoes of San Rocco.

You will see remains and tunnels once used for mining, as well as vast views of the surrounding valleys and the many peaks of the valley.


Duration: 11 hrs 15 min

Altitude difference: 1000 m

Along the route, there are many routes back to the valley