Climbing and Vie Ferrate

Ferrate Caspai

This new and challenging via ferrata lies in the limestone mountain range straddling Valle Trompia and Valle Sabbia. It gets its name from Corna Caspai, a 1391-metre limestone peak above Lodrino. A dozen or so volunteers created the via ferrata between 2011 and 2012 as part of a program to develop the territory. It was sponsored by the Municipality, Province and Region in collaboration with the Lodrino fire department, the Alpine Group of Londrino and Casto and with the help of the Nasego Consortium. The entire route crosses the rocky southern bastions of the Corna Caspai for a long time and then climbs steeply in the final part to reach the summit, presenting an overall height difference of about 350 metres, with 1,500 m of cable and development of 1,600 m, characterised by numerous exposed sections. The via ferrata, particularly the second part, i.e. the one that climbs directly to the summit, can be reached in two ways: an easier route that goes around some rocky bastions to the left, and a more direct one, very exposed and with few handholds, for more experienced climbers. In addition to the required safety gear, an additional quickdraw and a pair of gloves are also recommended.


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Località Pineta, Lodrino


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